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Feel free to browse around and learn about our favourite breed of dog, the Schnauzer (including Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzers).

The Schnauzer Club has a main goal which is betterment of the breed, and asserts that its membership have an obligation to the Schnauzer (including Miniature, Standard and Giant) breed, to preserve the magnificence of the breed without exploiting it. The Club was established with those goals in mind and as we expand into each new area of involvement, the Club continues to strive towards those goals. The Club's membership is actively involved in all those facets of the Breed that contribute to these goals.

Please look around our website and read/learn about our breed, and remember to come back for updates and other information.

Membership 2020/2021 

Is now due- New members require Proposer and Seconder to apply. All members to complete the membership form with signature/s.

Make sure you check out our Events, Shows and Trials pages to find out more information about future events 

Any last minute information involving shows / events will be made available on our Facebook site            


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Schnauzer Club of NSW 


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All Rescue Enquiries

must go through our Rescue Co-Ordinator Glenda Renshaw

please email her directly at:

  [email protected] 


Please note that as of February 2018 our Rescue List is closed as we have many people already interested in adopting and, thankfully, no dogs available.

Please check our Facebook sites for updates.






Contact Details

General Enquiries:  Liz Gallagher         [email protected]             (02) 9399-3014

Puppy Register:       Angus McIlrath       [email protected]            0418 731-858

Obedience:              Deidree Anderson   [email protected]  (02) 9613-8401

Rescue:                    Glenda Renshaw   [email protected]

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